I've never made one of these so I thought I'd finally do one for the end of the year. These are all awesome blogs run by awesome people so I just thought I'd mention them! x [Bolded for special mention are people who I've followed since the beginning of this blog / people who are cooler than me] 

ABCD: 1dbromance , batziam , britainkings , blamestyles , dailyonedirection , deckharry 

EFGH: flashmestyles , fyonedirection , harralds , hayyr , hellyesits1d , horaneyes , hstuyles 

IJKLM: inpayne , javaddempire , kryptoniall , likes-boyslourehs , mahnemizzen , malikplanet , morepayne , mr-styles 

NOPQ: niallar , niallsgotmehigh , niallwankingg , nipstahoran , notnialler , one-harrystyles , omgzayn , omgzarry , paynut 

RSTUV: up-all-night-cause-one-direction , starksfell , storan , styles-malik , styzles , tomlinfox , thebritishboys , thosexboys 

WXYZ: zayncangetsome

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